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Visual Status UPdates

The true beauty of Twitter is that you have 140 characters to express yourself. That's it. It forces you to cut to the chase and "less is more" becomes more than a design mantra but a form of expression. Sometimes, the more words you use, the less they convey what you want to say. Less words = greater impact. That is the magic of Twitter and that is why I love it.

Along comes Tweetment. Think of it as an enhancement tool to your tweet. When you have a special something to say and want it to stand out from the crowd. Or when 140 characters just isn't enough to convey what you want to say. With Tweetment you can add visual layers to your 140 characters by designing a web page for your tweet. It's simple and fun.

The Tools

Get Started!

We released an alpha version last year, but just never found the time to continue work on this loved project. But we never lost hope! Our schedules have finally opened and we are on our way to release a completely new version (to which this case study is a small teaser!). For now, the old version has been released from private alpha.

With that said, please keep in mind that things are still buggy, your understanding is greatly appreciated!

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