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12 Months Of The Beatles

I've always wanted to do the 100 Day Project or something similar. You know, like drawing the same thing everyday. Taking a picture of the same place, at the same time everyday (like that dude from the movie Smoke). There is something beautiful about consistent discipline and seeing how it affects your creative juices throughout an extended period of time.

Problem is, there is want, and then there is reality. I'm just too busy right now.

On the bright side, I came up with a small project that extends throughout 2012, while not having a heavy burden on my time. It's not exactly the same concept as the 100 Day Project, nor does it really aim to be, but it's something fun that I'm gonna enjoy.

The idea is simple. On the first of every month in 2012, I'll release a blog post tributing my favorite band of all time. The Beatles. Who says that every blog post needs to be a serious discussion about design? Let's have some fun!

The first post of this series will be a tribute to the song Revolution. When I look back on 2011, it's seems quite appropriate.