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Did You Know...

...that for every project I work on, I employ a pixel palette passed down from an ancient secret order of design monks?

Thank you for taking interest in my portfolio. My name is Yaron Schoen and I am your friendly neighborhood designer waiting to save the day from Mr. Clutter and Dr. Ugly Site. I specialize in many different fields of design but my primary focus is interface design: web, mobile or anything viewable on a screen that makes you interact with it. Being in the field since '99, I have worked for companies such as AOL and Fi and have taken part in projects for companies such as National Geographic, Electronic Arts, Time Warner Cable, Travelocity, AOL, Kontain, Charity: Water and more.

In order to provide my clients with the best service, I have a small team that I employ to cover as many fields as possible. Moudy Elkammash is an amazing upcoming developer that specializes in Javascript and helps me realize the designs. Justin Schantz of "Left Brain Power" is my business manager. He keeps me safe from all those legal documents and employs his magical organizational skills to help keep things going at a good pace. Adva Schoen is not only my partner in life, but also my partner in business. She handles all the day to day tasks of running a small business. Wouldn't be able to do it without her.

My career in bullet points

  • Present-2009Founder and president of Made For Humans Inc., Head of design at Julpan.
  • 2009Senior Designer at Aol. In charge of Video, Moviefone and Television.
  • 2009-2006Web Designer at the award winning interactive agency Fi.
  • 2006-2001Web Designer at C-Group, was promoted to Art Director. (The company was purchased and closed their offices.)
  • 2001-1999Intern at Interdays. (The company closed a while ago, damn I'm old.)

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